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When it comes to knitwear, Sibling team Sid, Joe and Cozette don’t just keep the pace – they set it. This season, they delivered a host of Teddy-Boy styles loosely inspired by the warring Jets and Sharks in 1961’s West Side Story. That means, for the most part, a spectrum of pastel shades, denim jackets, cuffed jeans, slick quiffs and muscles galore.

Though there were no gang fights and dances in formation, they held our attention with one seriously blingy turquoise T-shirt and an intriguing cotton candy-coloured knit made out of plastic threads.

Like Saul Bass, the man behind that legendary title sequence, Sibling managed to use sparse lines and strident colour to create a rich graphic narrative, giving the tale of angry youth and forbidden love a joyful contemporary revamp.

Words by Kathleen Lee-Joe / Photographed by Eva K. Salvi

(Digital assistant Zeker Weten)

With special thanks to MAC

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